Usage Guide

  1. You submit details of the product that you intend to purchase through our “Request Form”.

  2. We reply your request, and inform you of our first-round price quote (the price of your product)

  3. You pay the first installment to us if you agree with the terms and conditions of our help-to-buy services, and you instruct us to go ahead.

  4. We place an order for your product upon acknowledging receipt of your first installment payment.

  5. Upon receipt of the purchased product, we use a scale to measure the weight of the product,

    estimate the shipping cost, and provide you with the second-round price quote (the shipping cost)

  6. You pay the second installment to us.

  7. Upon acknowledging receipt of your second installment payment, we would post the product to you, and email you a tracking number that can be used to check your product’s shipping status, and our services are complete.